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    B&B Title Service                            Kim Braget           





Currently Processing Illinois Titles & Plates. If you need assistance with titles in the surrounding states, please ask how we can help.

Title Processing

Title processing for all vehicles including Expedited Titles for 

 *Trucks            *Tractors                

 *Trailers           *RV's 

 *Autos             *Motorcycles                 

Corrected, Duplicated, Certificate of Origins, Used Vehicle Transfers, Salvage & Junk Yard Titles

Trailer Plates


From small cargo trailers to full size semi trailer plates

 *Fiscal Weighted Trailer Plates                  

 *Flip Axles                                                 

 *Semi Trailer Permanent Plates                              

 *Farm Trailer                    

 *Mileage Plates

 *Permanent Mount

Vehicle Plates

There are plates for vehicles that do not leave the state. The various plates may include:


 *Charitable Plates               *Motorcycle Plates                                  

 *Mileage Plates                  *Passenger Plates  

 *Electric Vehicle Plates        *Permanently Mounted Plates                            

 *Recreational Vehicles         *Personalized Plates

 *Fiscal (Base) Plates            *Municipal Plates                                

 *Tow Truck Plates               *Vanity Plates

 *Farm Truck                                                  


 And so much more.....                          

"Permits" Including     


        *SHV-Special Hauling Vehicle Permit                

        *Temporary Plate Permits

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