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Illinois & Indiana Accounts

*Authority (MC/DOT/IL-ICC)      *IRP Plates (New/Renewal)






*SCAC Codes


IRP Plates (International Registration Plan)


IRP Plates are plates that allow you to travel in and out of the states to pick up and drop off loads. You will have access to a total of 59 states which also includes Canada. To travel in and out of the states you are required to be running under a safety carriers DOT/MC number if you do not already have your own authority. If you are planning on traveling through Kentucky, New your, New Mexico, or Organ you will be required to get additional permits.  Every year Illinois IRP plates expire on March 31st, we recommend that you come and renew your IRP account around the 2nd week of February to guarantee you stay legal through the expiration period. Your IRP accounts plate cost at renewal time every year is based off of the miles and states you drove through the previous year from July 1st to June 30th. The more states you cover with your trucks out of the 59 states the cheaper your plates will be, the more local you drive the higher your plates will cost.  To set up or renew an IRP account please contact us for more information. We would be happy to issue you a 45 day temporary permit until your plates become available. B&B opens IRP accounts by appointments only.



 There are a couple different ways we can set up authority for you..... 


         -Your Own Authority......Interstate (pickup in and out of IL) or Intrastate (pickup and drop off the same                 load in IL only)







           -IL Authority Only

                        *IL Certificate    

                        *IL Cab Card

  Authority is setup at B&B by Appointment only.


BOC-3 is required to get your MC/DOT and IL-ICC. This is a list of agents for every state that is required to be on file with Washington. 

HVUT - 2290 Highway Use Tax

A 2290 also known as a Highway Use tax, is a annual tax that all trucks at or exceeding 55,000 lbs are required to file. 2290 fee is based on weight group and required purchase month. Anyone running 4,999 miles and under are eligible, and must file under suspension. Under suspension is only accepted if vehicle operates less than 5,000 miles a year. Your Highway Use Tax is a annual tax that runs from July 1st to June 30th, which you are given till the end of August to renew. B&B does provide this service per your request and is able to turn it around back to you within a day. To file a 2290 you are required to have a FEIN #, also known as a Federal ID number. The Federal ID number is a number that is registered to either your company name or personal name depending on what name you would like your account to be under. The IRS and Secretary of State require that the 2290 name match the name on titled vehicle. If your Federal ID number does not match the name on your title, then the Secretary of State does have the power to not renew your plates due to proof of ownership between the 2290 and the title. 


Filing for a Federal ID number is a service that B&B also provides.

Fuel Taxes

Quarterly Fuel Taxes are required to be filed if you are running under an IFTA account. Fuel Taxes consist of using trip reports which keep track of your dates, states, route traveled, odometers, miles, and fuel. If you were to ever be in an audit for Fuel Taxes they would request to see copies of your trip reports (not log books) along with copies of your fuel receipts. Fuel taxes are required to be filed four times a year April, July, October, and January. Accounts that require you to file fuel taxes would be IFTA, Kentucky, New York, New Mexico, and Oregon. Please feel free to contact us on more information on how to get started.


1 QT- Jan to Mar     2 QT- Apr to June   

      3 QT- July to Sept    4 Qt- Oct to Dec


There are many different permits that are required to be legal to drive. An IFTA permit is a permit that is required to be able to drive legal in any state. A New Mexico, New York, Kentucky, and Orgeon Permits are all additional permits that you would need along with an IFTA permit to be legal in those specific states. When applying for a permit you are required to file fuel taxes to stay active. To acquire permits please contact us for assistance.

Trip & Fuel  Permits

 A trip  and fuel permit is a 72 hour permit generally used with IL-Base Plates. This permit will allow you access to travel in and out of Illinois for 72 hours to pickup and drop off loads. With this permit you are still required to have or lease onto someone with a MC/DOT number to work across the Illinois state lines. If you were thinking about traveling into Kentucky, New York, New Mexico, or Oregon, just like an IRP plate you would be required to have a permit for those states. Just like Trip and Fuel Permits are 72 hours there are also KY, NY, NM, and OR temporary permits that can be purchased for a short period of days to stay legal in the required states. 

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