Some History on how B&B Started....

Originally Established in 1988...

Sharon Braget - President of B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co


           *Established B&B in 1988

Kim Braget - President of B&B Title service

Email: KBraget@BBTruckplates.net


         *Established B&B Title Service in 2012

                    *Title Processing, Base, & Trailer Plates

Current Staff


Katelyn Braget-Tomczak - Vice President of Operations

      Email: Katelyn@BBTruckplates.net   

    *Joined B&B 2013

                     *Functions: Titles, IRP, New Accounts, Fuel Taxes, Permits , HVUT

                    *Graduated: DePaul University in 2012

Laurie Borla - Office manager of B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co     

Email: LLBorla@BBTruckplates.net

            *Joined B&B 1996

                    *Functions: IRP, Authority, BOC-3, Permits, Trip & Fuel Permits, HVUT, MCS 150 Updates

Dawn Borla - Transportation Specialist/Accounts Receivable

Email: DM_Borla@BBTruckplates.net     (DM_Borla@BBTruckplates.net)

            *Joined B&B 1999

                    *Functions: IRP, New Accounts, Permits, Fuel Taxes, HVUT, Accounting        



Kurt Braget - Transportation Specialist

Email: KurtBraget@BBTruckplates.net

           *Joined B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co 2015

                    *Functions: IRP, Fuel Taxes

    *Joined B&B Title Service 2018

*Functions: Title Processing, Trailer Plates


Kathy Borla- Transportation Specialist

Email: Kathy@BBTruckplates.net

            *Joined B&B 2014

                    *Functions: Customer Service, IRP, Billing

Edyta Mucha- Transportation Specialist

        Email: Edyta@BBTruckplates.net

             *Joined B&B 2019

                     *Functions: IRP, New Accounts, Fuel Taxes, Permits, HVUT

*Graduated: Moraine Valley Community College in 2020

Theresa Kazmierski-Transportation Specialist

Email: Theresa@bbtruckplates.net

*Joined B&B Title Service 2020

*Function: Title Processing, Trailer plates, Fiscal & Mileage Plates