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“It is with my distinct pleasure and zero reservation that I recommend B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co. I have worked with B&B for three years and cannot express in enough words my gratitude and high level of respect for this company. B&B has always and continues to go above and beyond in order to meet any company's demands. Often times these demands are urgent and we are unable to provide much notice however B&B's quick turnaround times and willingness to exceed the standards have assisted my company on many occasions. B&B truly makes the impossible possible. Not only do they maintain high standards of service, but B&B has treated me and my company like family since the very beginning. They understand all the intricacies of my business and never leave any leaf unturned when providing service to my company. I intend to work with B&B and keep them in my family for as long as I can.”

L.A.N.D. Transportatin Inc

Nicola Brunetti, CEO & President


“I have been working with B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co. since 1999 and have always been completely satisfied with their services. All Staff at B&B are very helpful, professional, and dedicated to work. Their Knowledge and attention to details is extremely helpful during stressful truck registration renewal. There is no doubt in my mind that B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co. will be an excellent addition to your company. I am confident and happy to recommend B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co. services for all transportation needs. ”


​HMD Trucking Inc

Daiva Malukas, V. President


“It is my great pleasure to write this letter expressing my satisfaction with B&B Truck Plates and Permits. We have done business together since 2009 and their staff never fails to impress me with their attentiveness and rapid service. From the start they made maintaining a efficient and pleasant business relationship very simple and I plan to use their service for a long time to come. They offer outstanding level of professionalism, organization, and customer service. Their commitment to customers satisfaction is nothing short of impressive. It is a pleasure to work with all of the employees, they are enthusiastic and always eager to help with anything we throw their way. B&B has always offered me outstanding service and I would gladly recommend them to everyone I know.”

AAA Freight Inc                                          

Antonije Keljevic, President


“I'm writing this letter to inform you how professional, dedicated B&B truck plates is. I'm recommending B&B truck plates as they do excellent job for me. For past 14 years I have been only using B&B. B&B truck plates became part of my operation. I can assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with their services as i am! There is no one more dedicated to service your needs then B&B truck plates!”


​Peter Dziedzic, President    


“I am writing this letter of recommendation for B&B Truck Plate & Permit Co., and B&B Title Service, Inc. Brites Cartage, LTD has been doing business with B&B for over 18 years and value their expertise and knowledge. We are a trucking company with a fleet of 60 plus units. Whenever I need new or replacement plates, titles, IFTA taxes processed, etc, I trust B&B to help me stay current and compliant. I appreciate their prompt attention to my emails and phone calls. If I don't understand something, they are very patient and take the time to explain things clearly to me until I do understand. Based on my years of experience working with B&B, I highly recommend them. They are an important part of my companies network and enjoy working with them.”



​Brites Cartage LTD.

Kay De Young, Manager


“I Gjoko Shterjov President of MMJ Transportation Inc was and still am extremely satisfied from the services B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co is and has provided to our companies. B&B is extremely easy to work with. They are very fast, you can always reach them, they know what they are doing, and they are super reliable. They have never let me down in the seven years of doing business and their fees are very reasonable, in the end it would cost me more a lot more money to do these services myself. We have been using B&B's services since 2010. We initially started using there services because we were located very close to them but even after we moved our office 40 miles away from their office we continue to use their services. We can honestly say their fast and quality service has helped our business growth over time. They are a great company to work with in the transportation field. Without a doubt I would highly recommend B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co to any transportation company for the services B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co from our experiences is the BEST and they are the only service company we could recommend. ”

​MMJ Transportation Inc

Gjoko Shterjov, President


“I've been working with B&B for over 18 years. Very great company, always helpful . Best recommendations."

Trucking Experts Inc.

Leo Zemaitis, President


“During the past 8 years our company has been in business with B&B and we have received high quality service. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer great customer service. I would highly recommend their services."

El Zarco Trucking

Jose Mario Ramirez, President                         2016 

"I have worked with B&B Truck Plates & Permits for over the last 10 years.  They have helped our company with getting new IRP plates on our tractors.  They have also helped us with getting some personal vehicles, company tractors and company trailers titled.  The staff is very professional and courteous, and we have always received any of our requests in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend them for their outstanding service and knowledge they have with the ever-changing laws in IL."

Freight Exchange of North America, LLC

Loretta Mroczkowski

Director of Compliance


"We have been working with B&B Truck Plates & Permit Co since 2001 and we are completely satisfied with the services we received from their staff. They do for us not only plating and permits, but also fuel and mileage taxes. We have been audited by Illinois Dept. of Revenue for fuel taxes and passed without not only any problems, but any additional taxes, which I understand is a rare occurrence. If I were to summarize my recommendation it would be like this: "If you do not want any problems on regulatory side - get yourself B&B Truck Plates & Permit." "

Bristol Motor Transport Inc

Andy Stypula, Vice President


"Richards Building Supply has been a customer of B&B for over 12 years. During this time Richards has grown from 15 locations to 60 locations in 12 states. Our fleet now numbers close to 500 vehicles. I have relied on B&B for their services for many of the vehicles as I can title and plate in Illinois. Letting B&B handle my titling and plating needs has freed up my time and allowed me to concentrate on other things. This would not have been possible without their full co-operation. Whatever we have asked for, they have always stepped up to the plate. Their staff is knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for us. We look forward to many more years of their partnership."

Richards Building Supply Company

George Jagodzinski, Fleet Manager


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